What is ESTA?

The Eastern States Theater Association is a Member Regional Organization, Region II, of the American Association of Community Theatre. It is comprised of the five member organizations representing the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Its primary functions are to hold the annual ESTA Festival to select the "best of the best" of the ESTA region and to encourage and support original works through education and networking.

ESTAFestival 2019

April 25-27, 2019

The KISS Theater,

400 East End Center,Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

Festival details as known are on: ESTAFest page.

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March 2019

Welcome to the New Year for ESTA!

It will be busy throughout the spring as our region is hosting the AACT National Festival in Gettysburg, PA.

The link for details is AACTFest 2019.

Pennsylvania is having their state festival on March 22-24 also in Gettysburg, PA. Delaware is appointing a production to proceed. Maryland is still planning to have a festival; it is hoped it will be in March. New Jersey is also planning and will appoint if their venue and participant situation requires it.

New York already has identified the two (2) productions which will move on to ESTA.

The structure of ESTA is being strengthened by modifying both the Bylaws and the Policy Guide. The next Board meeting is scheduled for June 8, 2019 in Wilkes-Barre, PA with a separate invitation going to all Board members. Hopefully the Board will be able to finalize both of these governance documents and provide ESTA a smooth infrastructure.

Festival planning is coming along nicely. Please see the ESTAFest page (on the banner above) for the latest information on how the festival is shaping up. The next upgrade of the website will be on the ESTA Business page which will be modified to receive and maintain at a minimum the ESTA Meeting Minutes, financial reports and attachments for discussion. The intent is to reduce the amount of emails we need to keep and to form a central repository for things required by law to be kept. This upgrade will work in conjunction with the Records Retention Policy which is being revamped right now.



Ruth K. Brown
ESTA President