What is ESTA?

The Eastern States Theater Association is a Member Regional Organization, Region II, of the American Association of Community Theatre. It is comprised of the five member organizations representing the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Its primary functions are to hold the annual ESTA Festival to select the "best of the best" of the ESTA region and to encourage and support original works through education and networking.

Make your love of theater work for you!
ESTA and you are an unbeatable combination!

Mark Karcher and David Sokolowski form the Nominations Committee for this year. The positions to be filled are Vice President, Treasurer and VP-Festivals.

Mark/David will reach out to the current holders of these positions to obtain their agreement to continue to serve. In addition, this nomination form allows nominations of yourself or someone else. Simply download the fill-in form and follow these instructions for submission.

Mark/David will verify that every nominee is willing to accept the position if elected and will provide via email the slate of nominees in October 2019. Elections will be held at the annual Board meeting in November, 2019. Floor nominees will also be accepted at the Board meeting.

Portrait of Ruth BrownRuth's Ruminations
July 2019

Hello! Have been very busy and have to apologize for missing the RUMINATIONS BY RUTH for June. Besides going twice to Michigan to deal with grandson’s high school graduation, also attended AACTFest 2019 in Gettysburg.

Check the ESTA Facebook page where I have loaded some photos of the event! See me with the AACT Executive Director, Quiana Roland-Clark, and the new AACT President, Rick Kerby. Also I had a great time with the two fabulous women from Altoona, Janelle (new ESTA and PACT member), and Rebecca, her right-hand woman!!

There are lots of things that were discussed at the June ESTA Board meeting. Some of them require emails, others require notifications, others require working on the website. All of this needs to be done while our vacations are also underway this summer. Have patience and enjoy your summer time!! The work will get done! If you need an answer to a specific question, just use the Contact Us link on the website and the email will come to me. If it is not something I can answer, I will forward it along!

My self-established goal is to find ESTA an UNDERWRITER for the 2020 festival. I have some thoughts about companies to approach. If anyone knows of a company that does community outreach, please send the contact information to me and I will pursue them also.

Keeping fingers crossed for a safe summer for all of us AND a successful completion of our goal!!

Ruth K. Brown
ESTA President