What is ESTA?

The Eastern States Theater Association is a Member Regional Organization, Region II, of the American Association of Community Theatre. It is comprised of the five member organizations representing the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Its primary functions are to hold the annual ESTA Festival to select the "best of the best" of the ESTA region and to encourage and support original works through education and networking.


Thanks to everyone who supported ESTAFest 2019. To see this year's winners, visit the ESTAFest page.

Please join us next year for
ESTAFest 2020
Sherman C. Ward Jr.
Original Works Celebration

Portrait of Ruth BrownRuth's Ruminations
May 2019

Below is an extract of the note I included in the program for ESTAFest 2019.

It seems appropriate to repeat this information in other venues in an attempt to impact the most people possible. Besides here on the website, it will also be repeated on the ESTA Facebook page!

“…ESTA is structuring itself to be a stronger, more interactive and socially aware organization. Our website, www.estafestival.org , has monthly updates via the RUMINATIONS BY RUTH section. We have also secured a section so that as we begin our financial outreach into the community and beyond, we can do so with confidence that information will be protected at the highest level. A donation icon will be installed so that every amount given to ESTA can be captured and acknowledged. I am asking you to check our website once a month to stay current on what is happening and also to LIKE the ESTA Facebook page. LIKE-ing that page will let you see photos from the various state festivals and meetings, articles of interest about aspects of the theater and, of course, latest competition cycle information.

Our five states – Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania – are all struggling with the usual theatrical issues of venues and finances. Our attempts at outreach are going to help that situation but, as is always said, community theater runs with YOUR help! Our Board of Directors has member vacancies for every state. Please volunteer to help out! Being involved with your own theatre does not preclude your being able to serve as a Board Member; in fact, it helps because you can make sure that the decisions that are made take into consideration the issues of your type of theater.

The winner of ESTAFest 2019: "The Dixie Swim Club" from Forge Theatre of Pheonixville, PA. will move on to represent Region II at the AACT Festival being held June 18-22 in Gettysburg, PA. It is exciting to have the national festival in our region; ESTA Board members will be attending; AACT Board and Committee members will be attending; the only people missing will be YOU!! Details to help you plan your trip are at www.aact.org . I will be there and would LOVE to meet you there!



Ruth K. Brown
ESTA President