Current Board 2018-2019

President Ruth K. Brown Delaware
Vice-President, President Joan Luther New York
Vice-President, Festivals Jeffrey ("Buzz") DiSabatino Delaware
Secretary Brian Daily New York
Treasurer Jeff Greenspan Delaware
Immediate Past President Marsha Amato-Greenspan Delaware
Historian Cindy Johnson
Region II Representative to AACT Marsha Amato-Greenspan Delaware
Parliamentarian Open
Webmaster David Sokolowski Delaware
State Representatives for Delaware
Ann Stevens
Brian Miller
David Sokolowski
Open (Optional)
State Representatives for Maryland
Zeke Johnson
Cindy Johnson
Open (Optional)
State Representatives for New Jersey
Mark Karcher
Open (Optional)
State Representatives for New York
Frances Ruoff
Paul Nelson
Diane Mashia
Brian Daily
State Representatives for Pennsylvania
Walter Mitchell
Chad-Alan Carr
Open (Optional)
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