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ESTA's resource page is A LEGG UP, named for and established as a tribute to a long standing member of ESTA, Ruth R. Legg. Ruth furnished years of support and experience to ESTA, last serving as its President. She was also a longtime contributing volunteer for her state organization, TANYS, who honored her by creating Legg Up on the TANYS website, where you can find several articles of interest.

Articles & Other Resources


Study Shows That Access to Theatre & Drama Can Boost Children's Academic Performance
(article for School Travel Organiser)

The Smart Way to Work with Your Theater Director
Catherine LaMoreaux (article for Backstage)

21 Problems only Community Theatre Actors Understand
Katelynn Johnston (article for Theatre Nerds)

The Volunteers of Community Theatre Deserve an
Endless Ovation

Timothy Fitzgerald (article for Onstage Blog)

8 Ways to Respect the Importance of Stage Etiquette
Brad Pontius (article for Onstage Blog)


The History of the Ghost Light
Cristina D'Almeida (article for Onstage Blog)

Technology Resources--Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms
(searchable glossary provided by

Audrey Cefaly's Playwright Vocabulary
(courtesy of playwright Audrey Cefaly)


Eyeliner Makeup Tips for Beginners
(courtesy of students at


Glossary of Drama Terms
(McGraw-Hill Online Learning Center)

Around the Web

Crash Course Theatre and Drama
Mike Rugnetta (PBS Digital Studios original web series about the history of theatre)

To access individual episodes of this series or to review the full series playlist, visit
Crash Course Theatre and Drama on Youtube.

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