Welcome Festival Participants!

The ESTAFest handbook, festival forms, and any other pertinent information regarding your participation in ESTAFest 2020 will be posted to this page, as it becomes available. If you have questions or do not see the information/forms that you need, please contact Jeff DiSabatino at vpfestivals@estafestival.org

ESTAFest Handbook & Registration Forms

The latest version of the ESTA Festival Handbook is posted below, as is the registration form for ESTAFEst 2020 participants.

**While the ESTA Festival Registration Form is designed as a fillable PDF, it may not function properly in all browsers, and Apple/Mac users with the Catalina operating system have reported difficulties in viewing the form.

To ensure that your information is properly submitted, please (1) download the form, (2) use Adobe Acrobat (or similar PDF reader) to open/fill in the form, (3) save the completed form and email it as an attachment to vpfestivals@estafestival.org.

Information about Load-In & Tech

Please note that Thursday, March 26, is currently reserved for non-production activities, such as load-in and teching the shows. Technical information about Tatnall's facilities are available for download in PDF format. You can also learn more about the host theater facilities by visiting Theater on Tatnall School's website.

Contributions to Silent Auction

Our fundraising efforts at ESTAFest have historically relied heavily on Silent Auction. For 2020 we have excellent donations of collectible teapots, fragrances, and pashmina scarves. In addition it is important that EVERY PARTICIPANT THEATER bring a basket or donation of some kind for the auction. Variety and interest will make people bid and compete for items. So ... Please!! And Thank You!!!

Need Gift basket ideas? Check out 26 Creative, Attractive Basket Ideas for a Silent Auction Fundraiser by Summy Lau of Winspire.

A Special Request from ESTA Planners

To enable ESTAFest 2020 to be scheduled as smoothly as possible, ESTA planners are asking that those people who support technical functions for their production(s) keep Thursday, March 26 open along with the days of festival, March 27 and March 28. Since the final submissions will not be known until late February, there is limited time to develop and maintain a reasonable schedule for load- and tech-ins. As the number of productions will likely be more than twelve (12), ESTA appreciates your assistance in making the last several weeks before the festival as convenient for everyone as possible.

Thanks to all of you for your help!!


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Tickets for ESTAFest are available online through Artful.ly

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